Friday, 1 April 2011

Tourism In Pakistan, The best essay for free

  • The introduction. Pakistan is blessed with excellent tourist spots all over the country.
  • the tourist spots in general
  • the areas which tourists like to visit. The worth of these areas.
  • how tourism is managed and controlled. Suggestions for improvement.
The conclusion. We should have the best international standards of tourism in the country
     Pakistan is blessed with excellent tourist spots nearly all over the country. Historical places merge into natural sights in the most appealing manner. We have the sights worth-seeing at Banbhor, east of Karachi, with its famous museum. Makli in Sindh has the largest necropolis (large graveyard east of Karachi), with its famous museum. Makli in Sindh has the largest necropolis. Thatta is famous because of Makli. Moenjo-daro near Taxila, Harappa near sahiwal, the Lahore Fort, the Badshahi Mosque, Jehangir's and Nur Jehan's tombs and the Shalimar Gardens in  Lahore are famous historical sights. The Khyber pass in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa  through which conquerors from Afghanistan and Iran entered India, is a natural sight that reflects history. Murree, Ayubia , Swat , Kagan and Naran in the north and Ziarat in Balochistan are fresh and cool like open nature. Kalam and its famous Mahudan lake in north are paradisiacal in natural beauty. The Saiful-Maluk alke is close to Naran. It is the hightest lake on earth whose depth is still unknown.the beautiful mountains around it dwarf us in our human existence. Natural beauty , in all its forms , is offered by mountainous Khyber Pakhtunwa, its valleys , lakes and streams. Historical and cultural sites are found in plenty in Sindh and Punjab. 
Tourists , from within the country and abroad, like to visit the northern areas most of all. Theri scenic beauty and charm are comparable to the best in the world, say, in Swize3rland, Canada and Us . The Hunza valley in the north is close to the famous K-2 and Rakaposhi moutains, among the highest peaks Tourists stay in  motels and go on long walks, also attempting mountain climbing. the historical sites and cultural centers like tombs of famous saints and museums also attract a great number,. We find Harappa near Sahiwal.
Tourism in the country is managed by Pakistan Tourism Development Corporation. It has its offices in Lahore, Karachi, Islamabad and Abbotabad. It publishes tourism books, pamphlets and pictures of tourists visiting tourists who take them around tourists spots and explain their features.
The terrorist attacks on foreigners, especially from the western countries , has affected the tourism industry severely. Now Pakistan ranks 103 in 124 countries offering tourism facilities. The travel and hotel facilities at tourist sites are not very encouraging. then the general social, political and economic conditions have not been favorable even to the citizens. Sightseeing and tourism in Swat have been seriously effected by the war-like situation. 
The people should join the government in its efforts to crush terrorism. the government should improve the law and order situation in all possible ways. then all sorts of facilities should be provided by the government in hotels and tourists homes . we should have the best international standards of tourism in the country. With these Pakistan will become first-rate tourism country..


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